where did summer go?  and how did autumn end up around the corner.. i am reaching to catch up, in slowest motion.. thanks for wandering this journey with me..it brings my heart goodness..

from the blossoms..

to the crevices of mossy adventures..

and everything in between..


"The days are long enough
for those who use them."

~Leonardo da Vinci



highlights from days 3&5.. bliss.. i tell you.. to capture it all.. just a near miss..

places visited in this post - Lake Isabelle at Brainard Recreation .. where we saw 2 moose! and the last few pix are of Eldorado Canyon State Park.. which has great views of Trad Climbers..

isn't he grand?, he walked right past us about 50 feet away on the trail we were on.. 

beautiful.. Lake Isabelle

Eldorado Canyon State Park below..

see the climbers standing at the top? for more climbing pix CLICK HERE.

hope your summer is breezing along nicely.. xoxo





we were blessed to be able to celebrate our #20 together in colorado.. without the kiddos and dog..and it was a quick, blissful 5 days.. full of wondrous mountain adventures, a bit of rock climbing, and just taking in and enjoying the grand creation of a Masterful Creator.. day1 was spent in Rocky Mountain National Park, and acclimating to the altitude.. wildflowers in abundance.. wild, thrashing waters spilling over strong boulders.. willing, living trees that were carved into by others who dared to leave their marks on them.. and even some color in the sweet town of Lyons..where we drove by on newly built roads recovering after the Sept 2013 flooding..  day3 up next.. xo  (for days 2&4 CLICK HERE.. those were our rock climbing days.)
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