happy 2016 !!

we had a whirlwind of a holiday season.. adventure called with grandma's beautiful blessing and offer to watch our kiddos..so the mister and i skipped town for a few days before Christmas, to the wild west.. we flew into Las Vegas, saw my mother for a bit, then drove down to Joshua Tree, California.. and stayed in this sweet rustic cabin we found on Airbnb.com . then hiked and climbed in Joshua Tree National Park. it was splendid fun and such a need to escape the busyness of life and responsibilities.. just to exhale wild air and adventure together. then we returned to Las Vegas for a quick hike and climb in Red Rocks and time with my mother before heading back to our littles just in time for Christmas morning.

“And this, our life exempt from public haunt,
finds tongues in trees, books in running
brooks, sermons in stones, and good
in everything.”

“One touch of nature
makes the whole world kin.”

- William Shakespeare

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no matter where we go, they are our greatest adventure..


wishing you...

...days filled with merry, cheer, and love...

from our home to yours..

and this beautiful song..



needing some last minute gifts.. popped some of these sweet things in the shop recently.. :D

“He who works with his hands

is a laborer.

He who works with his hands

and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands

and his head and his heart

is an artist.”

~Francis of Assisi



"I would maintain that thanks 
are the highest form of thought, 
and that gratitude 
is happiness doubled by wonder." 

~G.K. Chesterton

i'm so thankful for you.. enjoy using these coupon codes at checkout in my shops for 10% off until December 15..

for art at my studiogypsy shop: GYPSYTHX

for chalkbags at my rokrok shop:




dribbles and face practice in my artjournal .. 
using Jane Davenport's awesome.for.me.book - Beautiful Faces..
and my scribbly handwriting hair..

"Laughter is the sun that drives 

winter from the human face."

~Victor Hugo



i love the seasons. i really do. except for dreary, cold january/february. otherwise..i am pretty smitten with each one. i would have to say that autumn inches just above the rest of them in my mind, though. it reminds me of a setting sun for the seasons.. it has for a long time. and i love sunsets.

this glorious month. some friends of ours (whom we set up)..got married. :D

we escaped one day to Starved Rock State Park and did a little hiking and exploring..

i've been doodling away for #inktober over on my instagram account..

been trying to get outside as much as possible before the cold hits..

and dreamed up some new beauty fiber art pendants..

my HARP series.. hand woven wool on steel wire..with a patina ball chain.. scrumptious and dreamy.. these 3 in my shop now.

happy aumtumnal.ness.. drink in the sunset before it's gone.. xoxo
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