so. if you read my blog, you know that i am an avid reader of alisa.burke's blog.. and recently discovered that she is going to be teaching online with a handful of ladies on the Masters by Jeanne Oliver.. It is for an incredibly affordable rate!  so i am going to be doing this.  i took art in high school.  but that was it.  didn't go in that direction for college - but post college, after having my babies.. it is all i can think about now.  art.  so why not take this incredibly affordable and inspiring class?!  i'm super excited.  and Jeanne Oliver is absolutely generous in having a giveaway of so many great prizes as well!  please check it out and join in!  it looks to be positively fabulous!

by Jeanne Oliver
have a grand weekend! xoxo



my dabblings lately.. 

made a few sock creatures for my littles.. 

our coco.nut chewed off the button eyes 3 times on a couple of them..
she's finally accepted them.. :P

i am playing around with screen printing.  inspired by the article in the latest issue 
of Quilting Arts Magazine by Sue Bleiweiss on how to make your own silk screens.

Jacquard was sold out of much of their drawing fluid - so i went with Speedball
which had a pretty good price on Amazon for both bottles.

i made my own screen prints with a tight organza fabric and stapled it around old picture frames, then put duck tape around the edges.  then drew with the drawing fluid and a paintbrush - let dry, then applied the filler - but i didn't let it dry long enough (and the screens weren't very tight) and botched up the whole thing! blah!

2nd attempt.. made screens with embroidery hoops and got them super tight - then let the drawing fluid dry well - then the filler - applied a bit thicker this time with cardboard and let it dry overnight.

and happy happy results!! :D

next i'm going to try the photo emulsion fluid.. have a beautiful week!  xo




a brilliant sun painting a sky bright blue.  ice crackling beneath little stomping feet.  observations of trapped bubbles, crossed lines, and lacy ice stir the heart.  wide open space, air to breathe, and mud to frolick through.  and the wild geese flying overhead as if they forgot it was already winter.  xo



finally.  i am finishing up pieces i had started last year.. and it feels absolutely great!  these few beauties are in the SHOP..  drink up the yummy texture.. i've been.  have a beautiful weekend.  and this is my favorite.

“Don't look at your feet to see 

if you are doing it right. Just dance.” 

― Anne Lamott



i dreamed up and started this project, some time last year.. been wanting to share it with you for that long.. so here it is finally.  a simple project - rustic, elegant, and perfectly unique..

grab some stiff wire and  pliers.

form them into little hoops the size of your thumbprint with tiny hoops to attach a chain.

now trace the hoop with a pencil - so you have an idea of the size of your stitching - which will be framed in this hoop.

stitch something pretty.  then cut it out on the pencil line.

whipstitch the embroidered cutout to the wire hoop frame.

glue a fabric backing to the piece.  add some waxed cotton/linen string or a ribbon for wearing.

more of these will be in my SHOP later this week... :D  happy art.ing!



so.  it has happened.  a couple rooms have been moved around in our home, and to compensate for our growing kiddos, i have taken the small room.  this is good for me.  i have been working hard on streamlining what it is i want to focus on this year.  also to purge all the unnecessary and unuseful stuff i haven't touched in over a year... good, yeah?  so here is a glimpse.. and here's to more purposeful artmaking this year! :D

What was any art but a mold in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself — life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose. 

~Willa Cather

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