designed and created some sweet project bags.. for all your knitting, crocheting, yarny madness.. could also be used for your handquilting madness.. :)  with my original handcarved blockprints.. beauty in your hands...    more info HERE.. and more prints to come.. this carving thing is taking hold of me.



yes.. i am happy to say i have figured out a quicker way to create my monster chalkbags.. via block printing!  :P  so here you go.  some faces (and a shroom) for your viewing pleasure.. cause that's just what you want to see now during the crazy holiday season..right?!  and if you are a rock climber.. they are listed HERE.. just give me 2-3 days to finish them once purchased.. use coupon code JINGLEROK at checkout for 10% off - happy HOLIdays!!

"i'll speak in a monstrous little voice."



i'm so thankful for you.
enjoy 10% off in my shops for the holiday season..

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working up my #scrumblevember challenge on instagram daily for the month of november.. here are a few pieces of my freeform crochet fiber art.. the practice of creating lends itself to more inspiration and creating.. this is good for me.

“Great things are done by a series of small 

things brought together.” 

~Vincent Van Gogh



my studio is in transition again.. what's new, eh?  but in the meantime some things to share during my upheaval and moving things around.. and a challenge..

i love love love Instagram.. it is so inspirational for us visual-types.. and if you are missing me here on my blog - you can almost always find me posting something on my instagram feed - @studiogypsy.  :)

and i discovered this fun challenge i've been doing everyday for the month of October - which is tagged #inktober.  I learned about it from the fabulous Julie Fei Fan Balzer's instagram feed.. so you post an ink drawing every day for the month of October.. fun eh?!  well - it has really got my inspiration flowing, since i've been in studio organization mode and adventuring and not been making art much lately.. it is a relaxed, non-obligation challenge to myself to draw a doodle each day for this month.. here are some of my favorites..

now i am scheming up a plan for a November challenge for my fiber artist side.. and specifically the crochet/knit side.. and would sooo love for you to join me and get tons of pix posted on instagram of gorgeous, funky, wild scrumbles.. what is a scrumble?!  well, Prudence Mapstone is a famous scrumbler.  And it's essentially coloring outside the lines with yarn and hook or yarn and knitting needles.. no patterns, just the curiosity of play and imagination and wandering..  free-form crochet/knit is another term for it..  HERE is a fun tutorial ..

so beginning on November 1st.. scrumble a little ditty.. then post it on instagram with the tag #scrumblevember.  and have funfunfun!  work out a new piece each day or on an entire piece the whole month, or whenever you can.. but lets flood the instagram community with some gorgeous fibery arty goodness.. and being thankful (since it is a thankful month).. that we can express life in this unique, tangible way.. and please spread the word to all your crochet/knitty friends.. i'll be posting a few challenge pix before November starts to get the word out too.. whooohoooo get ready to play! ps. for more inspiration check out these books HERE. (I have a piece published in the 2010 Challenge..)

#scrumblevember #studiogypsy



every autumn, i look forward to attending our church's women's retreat.  a few of them have been beautiful.special to me.  quite moving. this latest one was another one of those... when a group of women pray over an event, and all comes together in beautiful harmony, and God's Spirit is present around every bit of it.. i feel myself exhaling from all the tensions of my world, and resting.  this year's theme was focused on our scars, and God's grace.. though you could certainly flip the wording and have it say, His scars..which become our grace.. 2 sides of the same coin.  Our speaker, Lisa Deam Christian spoke to us through Art History and the scars of Christ portrayed in Medieval artwork.. It was fascinating.  Among others sharing their stories, there was also time to inhale and breathe in quietness from a busy life.

storytelling by the lovely author, writer Wendy Irons Blanton

Rachelle Sartini Garner made these for us.. and was my roomie for the weekend. :)

a work in progress of mine... painting is becoming a necessity for me..

i always look forward to leading the ladies in some form of art exploration that has some connection to the theme.  and i was thrilled to help them explore with mark making and painting with abandon on canvas boards.. sadly some had not touched a paintbrush in years, but what joy it was to help them unravel with childlike wonder again, without fear of judgement and expectations.. bliss.

a friend's journal entry.. her question had been answered. :)

have you heard of Kintsugi?  a friend and i made these for the committee .. it was painful breaking the pieces, but glorious in transforming them with gold... pottery glue, then a gold leaf paint pen. :)  

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