last day of school for my kiddos today.. and i'm sharing a fun little project with my thing3's class before leaving for summer.. i am in the mood for pet rocks these days with the kiddos. this one is much simpler, less messy, and could definitely be done with littler ones.

you just need rocks. water, and water soluble crayons - i used Faber Castell Crayons. then of course, glue, goggle eyes, and even scrap threads for hair. :D

soak your rocks in water, then pull them out and rub the water crayons onto them. if your rock dries when you're still coloring, just dip your crayon into the water then rub it onto the rock for more color. wheeeeeee!

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it 

and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."




so my oldest boy graduated from middle school. our high school chapter begins in september! summer officially starts in 2 days for us. i am raring to go. and yet. i see it flying by so fast already. so i remind myself to slow down and stop. and smell the roses. we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden last weekend and it was bliss, again. it is one of my favorite places in chicagoland.

in all the wild.
beauty of a brokenness.
reaching out and up.



this littlest one of mine had a birthday. 
her awesome teacher let me come to her classroom and do some artwork with her classmates.
i wanted to do a pet rock project - and discovered the base of my artform HERE. it is a great website!
so. i had to figure out how to transfer hot stones to a classroom. 

first. soak your crayons in water to get the peeling off of them.

do not break them. they need to be nice and long. so fingers don't get burned.

since we don't live too far from the school - i popped the stones into a stone pot, and placed it in our oven for about 30 minutes on 350* before transferring the pot into a cooler lined with a thick towel (since the base of my crockpot was broken). then drove to the school.
i later discovered that i should have kept the pot in the oven for about an hour before instead.

line your table with a thick cloth. then little foil pans for the stones. then using tongs, place each stone onto the foil, and be sure the kiddos understand not to touch the hot rocks. have them slowly move the crayons over each stone and watch it melt. you can only melt color one side. my transferred stones from the house, were not as hot as I wanted them to be. so I brought along my Darice Heat Tool and heated up each rock that cooled off. Again be careful with the aiming of the heat tool.

once the stones are cool, glue goggle eyes to them, if you'd like.
the class had great fun! i also brought my typewriter and rubber stamps then let the kiddos type onto small white paper bags to house their pet rocks.

it is much easier at home next to an oven filled with hot stones. 
all my kiddos had a blast melting the crayons onto the rocks.

stones and crayons. it's good for the soul.



right now. i am in a printing obsession. the weaving has taken a backseat. the carving of linoleum is addicting. okay. what artform is not addicting to me. i need to live to be 300 in order to pursue all these artforms! also. my littlest is turning 7 tomorrow. and i will post a fun art project that i'm doing with her class tomorrow. Seven is such a big number to me. Usually for most people it is when their kids turn 5. But for me, it is 7. Heart.wrenching and wing.flapping all at once. But back to the printing. Here are some fun little art pouches that I recently made. They are all listed HERE. perfect for small projects to carry around in. for little travel bags. for art journaling on the go. for gifts. they measure roughly 7"x6" and include free US shipping.

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