lines. and more lines.

1346 times. my sketchbook as been viewed. since 2012. my first Sketchbook Project book.. and here it is for you to view/read as many times as you want.
i am proud of it. it is humorous and a little wonky. ripped fabrics with water color crayon marks and hand stitched and bound and collaged with words and tiny drawings.

hope you're having a cozy wednesday. wednesday should be a cozy day. because it is nestled inside the middle of the week. hubs and i used to have mid-week date nights on wednesdays. sometimes we still do this. wednesday. the sun is shining today. it is brisk outside and wind is flying about looking for all the people in their homes waiting to go out for a walk. cherry blossoms are almost in their prime here. 

tomorrow is thursday. you might already know this. but i am reminding myself. 

xo much love.


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