3-Day Challenge --- Follow Me Blind, Day 1

create a rectangle piece of quilted fiber art. large, small, medium - you decide, but it must be a rectangle shape. use any surface design techniques you want, but be sure to quilt the fabric(s) to a felt backing, quilt-batting, or similar.

then if you can, post the picture on your blog by tomorrow evening (Tuesday evening). let's play!!


  1. so glad to see you, joyce! ;)

  2. Still working on mine, just so ya know. Did you gesso and paint or just paint after quilting?

  3. wonderful!! ;) my piece is a scrap of thicker muslin, that was painted with leftover acrylic paints... then i used acrylic crayons to draw circles and words... and then i just did a light free-motion stitching over that.

  4. Hi Leilani!
    I took your Small Stitch Flower Book Make It University! class in Chicago this past April. What fun! When I got home I looked up your blog. I just posted pictures of my Follow Me Blind challenge - late but fun! Thanks for hosting this fun project.


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